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Group FAQs

Group Availability?

  • You must have 15 people or more to qualify for a group rate. Please allow at least one-week advance notice when planning your visit to Ruby Falls. 


  • The group leader must prepay for the entire group at least 5 days in advance. If mailing a check, checks must be received at least 5 days in advance. No additional guests can be added day of visit.

How much time should I plan to spend at Ruby Falls?

  • Please allow a minimum of 2 hours at Ruby Falls for the tour, Lookout Tower, and Gift Shop.

What happens if it rains the day I plan to visit Ruby Falls?

  • Ruby Falls is weatherproof! No matter what the weather looks like outside, your visit through Ruby Falls cave will be approximately 60 degrees year-round. Comfortable shoes are suggested as the total walk is a little under a mile and the pathways, although paved, are uneven in some places. Heels, sandals, or backless shoes are not recommended. 

Ruby Falls is in which time zone?

  • Ruby Falls is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

Is Ruby Falls a guided experience, or can I go at my own pace?

  • All tours through Ruby Falls are guided. Your tour guide is available to answer questions, tell you the story of the cave, and ensure safety. Each tour holds up to 40 people. If your group is larger than 40, you will be divided into multiple groups.

Is bus parking available?

  • Free bus/motorcoach parking available. A parking lot attendant will be available to assist and direct you upon your group’s arrival.

How long does the Cave Walk to Ruby Falls last?

  • Underground guided cave tour covers about 4/5 of a mile walk. The majority of the path is level; however, there are a few steps located throughout the tour. The cave tour lasts approximately 70-80 minutes, plus you will want to add time to visit the scenic overlooks and visit the Village Gift Shop.  Most visitors plan to spend 2-3 hours at Ruby Falls.

Is the cave wheelchair accessible?

  • Due to natural formations, narrow passages and small groupings of steps, the cavern is not wheelchair accessible or stroller accessible.  Guests should be comfortable spending up to 2 hours on their feet, with limited access to seating. 

Group Meals?

  • Ruby Falls does not currently have any facilities for group meals, including brown bag lunches. 

Are there educational resources for Ruby Falls?