Cave Adventures

Pick your Cave Adventure

a guide with a flashlight leads a woman through a cave

Cave Walk
to Ruby Falls

The Cave Walk is a guided, express walk through the cave to the waterfall, featuring a basic overview about the cave with recorded audio in a large group…

A tour guide in a blue shirt shines a light into the caves for a group of visitors behind her. A man in a red shirt stands next to her, looking at the caves

Gentle Walking Tour

The before-hours Gentle Walking Tour is our most in-depth tour led by senior-level guides, featuring a smaller number of participants, a very gentle pace with historical content, and extra time…

History Tour

New Cave Adventure! Explore the cavern trail to the thundering waterfall on a guided walk with a special focus on the rich history and lore of Ruby Falls. This specialty…

A male and female couple walk in a dimly-lit cavern holding lanterns.

Lantern Tour

  Experience Ruby Falls in a new light! During this after-hours specialty tour, the cavern and its trail are illuminated with only hand-held lanterns, featuring a laid-back pace, extra time…