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Lookout Mountain Tower

Retro post card image of Ruby Falls An old black and white photo of Leo and Ruby

The Accidental Discovery

An unlikely chemist from Indiana ushered in a new age of exploration with an accidental discovery deep within Lookout Mountain. The discovery of Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the legacy it created is both remarkable and endearing. It is a tale of unlikely odds, love, and determination.

View of four bridges crossing the Tennessee River as it winds around downtown Chattanooga.

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Parents and young daughter stand outside the entrance to Ruby Falls

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6 Tips for Visiting Ruby Falls This Summer

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Pick Your Adventure!

Cave Adventure options include the faster-paced, guided Cave Walk to the waterfall, featuring a general overview of the cave with pre-recorded audio, and our more in-depth Specialty Tours led by senior-level guides, with a smaller number of participants, and a relaxed pace.