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With its storied history, inspiring scenery, and geological wonders, Ruby Falls has been one of the Southeast's favorite destinations since its discovery in 1928. Exploring this remarkable beauty, located deep inside Lookout Mountain, is a memory shared by generations of visitors to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Cave Adventure options include the faster-paced, guided Cave Walk to the waterfall, featuring a general overview of the cave with recorded audio, and our more in-depth Specialty Tours led by senior-level guides, with a smaller number of participants, and a relaxed pace. Pick your adventure!

There is always something new to discover at Ruby Falls!


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Cave Walk to Ruby Falls

 Tickets Sold Online Only and Sell Out Quickly. Limited Availability

Discover the hidden beauty inside Lookout Mountain on a guided Cave Walk to the waterfall. Descend 260 feet by glass-front elevator into the mountain and explore the cavern trail to the tallest and deepest cave waterfall open to the public in the United States. Learn the story behind the accidental discovery of the cavern, see stunning rock formations, and experience the thundering waterfall!

All admission is timed-entry for a specific date and time.

The Cave Walk is a guided, express walk through the cave to the waterfall, featuring a basic overview of cave information with recorded audio in a large group format. Cave Walk group size varies based on date and time of visit. For adventures offering more in-depth details, a slower-pace, extended time at the waterfall and a smaller number of participants, please read about our Specialty Tours.

Average Length of Cave Walk: 1 hour - 1 hour 20 minutes, depending on date and time of visit with 1-mile round trip walk.

Social distancing is not possible during the cave tour or in the elevator.  

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Specialty Tours

Offered on select dates at select times, Specialty Tours are premium special-access experiences with more in-depth information from senior-level guides, a relaxed pace, smaller group sizes and extra time at the waterfall. 


Lantern Tour 

Reservation Required - Tickets Sold Online Only. Limited Availability and This Popular Tour Sells Out Quickly

Experience Ruby Falls in a new light! During this after-hours specialty tour, the cavern and its trail are illuminated only with hand-held lanterns, featuring a laid-back pace led by a senior-level guide, more in-depth content, a limited-sized group and extra time at the waterfall. (Children younger than 5 years old are not permitted on Lantern Tours.)

Available Select Fridays, After Regular Operating Hours

Social distancing is not possible during the cave tour or in the elevator. 

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Gentle Walking Tour

The before-hours Gentle Walking Tour is our most in-depth tour led by senior-level guides, featuring a smaller number of participants, a very gentle pace with historical content, and extra time at the waterfall following the lightshow.  This is the perfect tour for history buffs who prefer a very gentle pace. (Children younger than 12 years old are not permitted on Gentle Walking Tours.)

Available Select Thursdays and Sundays, Before Regular Operating Hours

Reservation Required - Tickets Sold Online Only. Limited Availability

Social distancing is not possible during the cave tour or in the elevator. 

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