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Springtime Inspiration on Lookout Mountain

Breathtaking views and springtime’s stunning natural beauty on Lookout Mountain at Ruby Falls are sure to inspire!

Embrace the Possibilities

We are in the middle of a stunning spring season on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Amidst blossoming blooms and vibrant hues, nature’s renewal inspires a welcome shift of perspective.  The magic of transformation and fresh possibilities surround us!

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Currently, spring indulgence at Ruby Falls involves eye-popping expanses of nature and ultra-scenic views. Ruby Falls is home to the tallest underground waterfall open to the public in the United States, along with sweeping views of the Cumberland Plateau, scenic zip lines, award-winning special events, historic architecture, and luxury treehouse lodging.

Chase a Waterfall

One of the most exceptional (and unusual) ways to experience the miracle of nature during spring is a Ruby Falls Cave adventure with a guided walk to the thundering waterfall deep inside Lookout Mountain. Spring is prime waterfall viewing time because seasonal rain showers dramatically amplify its majestic flow. The experience is incomparable!Ruby Falls instagram post with blue and pink lighting

See Forever

Embrace the power of perspective! After immersing yourself in the beauty of the waterfall, elevate your journey atop historic Lookout Mountain Tower.  Let the expansive view of the Cumberland Plateau and Tennessee River, unfurl before you like a tapestry of wonder. This scenic sanctuary, nestled above historic Ruby Falls Castle, stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of yesteryear, constructed from the limestone unearthed during the creation of the elevator shaft leading to the cave. Couple overlooking Chattanooga

Keep your senses open to the natural symphony surrounding this absolute springtime haven. Blue Herons gracefully glide, hawks soar, and songbirds fill the air with melodic tunes. Let your eyes wander across the tranquil river, verdant valleys, and the silhouette of distant mountain ranges, each offering a glimpse into the boundless beauty of the world from this unrivaled vantage point. Everything before you tells of the intricate dance of nature and history.

Take Flight

Take flight amidst the treetops! Let the thrill of ziplining ignite moments of freedom, when it seems anything feels possible. Ziplining is truly magical when the world all around you is burst with new life. Someone ziplining

Savor a New Perspective

Wrap up your Ruby Falls day with a seasonal local craft beer in the historic castle’s café, or tuck into the castle’s front porch with a flatbread pizza, salad and dessert. Breathe in the beauty of Lookout Mountain. Savor the new perspective that losing yourself in nature offers during the gorgeous, fleeting few weeks of spring!

Helpful TipsTickets sold online only; advance ticket purchase required online. If your schedule is flexible, visiting before 9:00 AM or after 6:00 PM is the most peaceful time in the cave.  The Gentle Walking Tour and Lantern Tour offer special perks including after-hours and early access.


Jaclyn Lewis

PR specialist at Ruby Falls

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