PRESS RELEASE: Annual Environmental Summit Funds New Pollinator Garden Projects

Lookout Mountain Attractions and Coca-Cola Partner with Local Students to Save the Bees 

CHATTANOOGA (April 26, 2019)–Students from The Howard School participated in the sixth annual Environmental Summit sponsored by Coca-Cola, Ruby Falls and Rock City. The Summit, held yesterday at the site of one of the oldest neighborhood parks in Chattanooga, was led by students involved with the Lookout Mountain Conservancy (LMC) Intern and Leadership Program. LMC interns shared the pollinator garden they are in the process of creating that will advance the sustainability of Chattanooga’s ecological climate.

With widespread colony collapse disorder killing off honeybees at an alarming rate, LMC interns are restoring Lookout Mountain as a natural bee migration path. Several years ago, LMC interns began the arduous process of clearing the invasive plants that had overtaken what was once known as Rockmont Park. The removal of kudzu and privet made way for an expansive pollinator garden serving as a natural feeding station for birds, butterflies, and bees.  Representatives from Ruby Falls, Rock City and Coca-Cola toured the hillside garden, learning about the creation and utilization of bee hotels and the role of each type of vegetation incorporated into the garden. The interns will continue to expand the garden over several years with additional plants, birdbaths and walking trails. 

The restoration of native plant species in the garden provides necessary nectar for pollinator insects and birds. Bees that live alone and not in a hive, find a secluded place to lay eggs in bee hotels. Solitary bees are endangered and have become increasingly more important as pollinators. 

The property, on Old Wauhatchie Pike, is part of Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s 50-acre park. “We use the land as a vehicle for success! Land is nonjudgmental, forgiving, challenging and restorative,” says Robyn Carlton, chief executive of Lookout Mountain Conservancy. “The Environmental Summit creates a hands-on opportunity for local students to formulate acceptable solutions to environmental issues, helping to ensure a successful future for conservation in the Chattanooga region.” 

For more information about  Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s Intern and Leadership Program, visit www.lookoutmountainconservancy.org.